Take A Look Around The Store

Cured Meat Specials

Our award winning bacon, ham, and dried beef along with Canadian bacon and cottage bacon, smoked sausages like Polish, landjaeger and ring bologna as well as summer sausage and snack sticks

Eickman's Specialty Sausage

From our customer favorite brats to breakfast sausage and everything in between – Eickman’s has you covered.

Our Favorite Cuts

Beef, Pork and Lamb Steaks, Chops and Roast and Ground as well as Exotic Variety Meats like cuts of Venison, Bear, Bison and Elk all frozen immediately after cutting for the best quality!

All The Extras

We make the most of the whole animal by also selling our house made lard (great for pie crusts!), cracklins, pig feet, bones for dogs (smoked and fresh), oxtails and organ meats such as hearts, tongues, liver, pork brains and more.

The Eickman's Storefront

Looking for something else? Eickman’s also carries knives, frozen chicken, seasonings for every meat, BBQ and Steak Sauces, gravy mixes, Gourmet popcorn, a case full of cheese, farm fresh eggs, soup mixes, frozen fruit and vegetable, frozen pizza, read to bake cookies and cinnamon rolls, thaw and serve cake rolls and more!

Eickman's Merch

Love Eickman’s as much as us? Stop in and get your very own Eickman’s shirt or hat!