November News – Holiday, Hunting, Hiring and More!

Welcome to one of our busy seasons!

November kicks off our fall/winter busy season with hunting and holidays. I’ll try to keep this brief, but here are a few notes:

Hiring: We are currently hiring for the position of meat boner. You can check out our facebook page for more details on the position, or just stop in and apply in person, check out the position and ask any questions you may have!

Hunting: While we wish you deer hunters much success, we also might have to cut off taking deer at a point. Our coolers are already getting quite full and the holiday workload is heavy. Archery season seems to have been a success for many of you; depending on how successful shotgun season is will dictate if we need to stop taking deer at any point. If you aren’t sure, feel free to call first. This weekend we should still be fine to take them.

Holiday: Happy Thanksgiving! We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. Of course if you have a preset time to pick up a turkey, we’ll be here for that only. All other days we are open as usual. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving! We’re certainly thankful for all of you!

Don’t forget to support local businesses – stop by and see us for Small Business Saturday which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

Our ham and turkey orders have been crazy – thank you all! We do still have some fresh and frozen turkeys available, though size options may be limited. We also have some hams and smoked turkeys in the cooler bunker in the store. Stop out before we sell out! We also have frozen fruit and vegetables, Amish butter, flavored popcorn, oysters, stuffed olives, summer sausage and more yummy additions to your holiday meal. Many of our items make great hostess gifts as well!

Also in stock, in a limited quantity, today in the store we have some Apple Cinnamon Bacon – it’s fabulous. Last night as we enjoyed Bacon Fest in Rockford, The Element was selling our Apple Cinnamon Bacon like crazy! It was a lot of fun and there were some great creations there at Bacon Fest.

Happy Thanksgiving – See you soon!