February Hog Special 2021


It’s that time of year again! The February Hog Special.

Each year during the month of February you can take advantage of the post-holiday calm and order a whole or half hog at a discount.

How does it work? All you have to do is give us a call, tell us if you’d like a whole or half hog for the February special and we’ll walk you through the options on how you would like it cut.

Here are the details for 2021:

The half hog will be about 110 lbs. dressed at $2.73/lb for a total of $300.00.

The whole hog would be about 220 lbs dressed at $2.63/lb for a total of $580.00.

This includes the cost of the hog, cutting and packaging, and the curing and smoking of hams and bacon. You get roasts, chops (bone-in or boneless), hams, bacon, ribs, sausage (little links extra), and if you’d like, the hocks, lard and even the liver, feet, and head. Not a fan of roasts? We can cut those into pork steaks. Only like sausage, ham and bacon? We can put all of the extras into sausage. It’s your hog, your choice!

Next, we will call you when your hog is cut and ready to pick up. Then you stop into our store, pay, and one of our employees will wheel the meat right out the door and you can take it from there. All of your meat will be frozen when you pick it up. You can bring coolers, baskets, boxes or use some of our boxes. No ice needed! (Fun fact: Our freezers are colder than typical freezers, so ice would actually not help it stay cold, the ice is actually warmer than the meat!)

One month after your cuts are ready, your hams and bacon will be done curing and smoking and will be ready to pick up. Just check the date on your processing receipt and stop in.

After that, it’s as easy as opening your freezer to get some nice chops out for dinner instead of stopping at the store.

You’ll see why this special is so popular year after year. See you soon!