Eickman’s On TV!

Eickman’s on TV: The Know It All Guide To…Bacon

Back a few months ago I posted some pictures on our Facebook page of a production crew here at Eickman’s filming. We are excited to announce that it was for a new show called “The Know It All Guide To…” on FYI network (check your provider!) and our episode is about Bacon. It was a great experience sharing our knowledge on how we make bacon the old fashioned way. Be sure to check out the premiere of our episode on Monday August 7th at 9:00pm CST on the FYI network.

You can also check out our YouTube channel to see some clips from one of the TV shows we’ve been involved with, as well as some commercials that have run. We were in the premiere episode of an old show called Food Tech: Cheeseburger and Fries, as well as a Modern Marvel’s episode: The Butcher, both of which were on The History Channel.

As an unrelated to food but fun piece of TV trivia: Tom Eickman was named after Tom Oar from the Mountain Men show: The Oars are relatives. 🙂