Eickman's Custom Meat Processing

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Butcher cutting pork ribs

Separate from our retail area (great for picking up a few items at a time), we specialize in custom meat processing where you can fill your freezer.

Our custom meat processing proudly utilizes local farms and includes: Hogs (whole or 1/2) and 2-week dry-aged Beef (whole, 1/2 or 1/4). We also do Lamb, Venison and more.

What makes the meat processing custom? When you give us a call or stop in to order the type and amount of meat you want, we will walk you through how you want your meat cut (sizes of steaks, roasts, chops, bone-in or boneless, etc) and how you want it packaged (single or double wrapped, how many steaks per pack, etc). Please ask questions!

Once it’s cut, we sharp freeze everything overnight and give you a call letting you know it’ll be ready to pick up as soon as the next day. When you pick up your meat we recommend bringing boxes, baskets or coolers to haul it home. *Fun fact: no ice is needed! Our freezers are colder than average, the meat will be colder than what ice is usually stored at, so the ice is actually warmer than the meat and won’t help it to stay cold!*

Check out the pork and beef cut charts below to get an idea of what cuts you might want – Just hover over a section to see your cut options.

To get an idea of what we will ask, you may view our cutting cards here: Beef or Pork

The Interactive Custom Cut Guide

Hover over any of the interactive sections below to see what we can make from that specific cut of meat!

Eickman's Beef Selection Tool
Eickman's Pork Selection Tool

Some Extra Information

All Hogs and Cattle vary in size, but in general:

*A whole hog will be approximately 265 lbs. live weight which would end up at about 215 lbs. hanging weight in the cooler, and a take home weight of approximately 145 lbs. of meat. Hogs will also vary in composition and fat to lean ratio (This is why for instance your bacon or chops might not look the same every time).

*A whole beef will be approximately 1300 lbs. live weight which would end up at about 780 lbs. hanging weight in the cooler, and a take home weight of approximately 460 lbs of meat. As with hogs, beef also vary in composition.

Any cuts that you don’t want will add meat to your trim, which will go towards ground pork/sausage.

Some roast or steak choices may eliminate the ability to get other steaks or roasts from that area – we’ll talk you through that when you order.

Chops and steaks: can be cut between 1/2″ and 2″ thick. 3/4″ – 1″ thick is standard.

Roasts: you can choose the size or how many you want or just have us pick the “best” one. Can choose between 2-4 lbs. (3 lbs. is standard)

Anything that is cured/smoked will be an extra charge i.e. bacon, ham, jerky, dried beef, etc. Smoked meat will be ready to pick up 1 month after the cuts are done. The date it will be ready will be on the processing receipt you get when you pick up your cuts. Also, we strive to give you every bit of your meat (as much as you want), so you will even get the bacon end pieces with your bacon.