Careers with Eickman's

Here at Eickman’s we’re owned and operated by generations of family, and when we bring someone onto the team they’re treated like family too. Fill out our form below to apply to work with Eickman’s!

Available Positions

* All positions are full-time and applicants must 18+ years old to apply. No experience necessary. 

Meat Wrapper

A wrapper’s responsibilities are to work alongside the cutter to wrap the meat to the customer’s specifications, which are written on a cutting card. All cuts must be single or double wrapped or vacuum packaged. The ground beef is usually sent through a stuffer/clipper.

All packages must be counted and marked properly on the invoice with the name of the cut. Wrappers are responsible for creating the invoice for the customer. Invoices should be neat and easy to read with accurate counts and pricing. All employees must implement proper hygiene and safety practices. This job involves standing most of the day, some heavy lifting, and entering freezers and coolers.

Meat Cutter

A meat cutter is responsible for the accurate breaking down and cutting of the carcass per the customer’s specifications. This involves heavy lifting, reading the cut card, standing, and using knives and saws all day. You are also responsible for weighing the halves and documenting the weights on the cutting cards, as well as logging other information.

You must work well with the wrapper and boner on your line. All employees must implement proper hygiene and safety practices.  Cutters are responsible for using their tools in a safe manner. Each evening they are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their processing tools and area

Meat Boner

A meat boner is responsible for boning out meat on their line which involves standing and using a knife all day. The boner will also assist the wrapper with any heavy lifting needed and will use a meat grinder. The meat boning position also involves doing customer carry-outs as needed which includes entering the freezer and retrieving the customer’s meat, ensuring it is the correct meat and that they are getting all their meat.

All employees must implement proper hygiene and safety practices. Each evening meat boners also are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing processing tools and area.

Harvest Floor

In this position, job duties may include: helping farmers unload animals, moving and handling animals in a humane manner, slaughter/harvesting of animals including skinning and gutting. Examining the animals alongside a USDA inspector for any potential health problems or potential issues with contamination/bacteria.

This is a very physical and dirty job involving standing, bending, and lifting all day. All employees must implement proper hygiene and safety practices. Workers on the harvest floor will encounter animal blood and other fluids as well as cleaning materials. Thorough cleanup and sanitation of the harvest floor is required at the end of each day.