2024 Livestock Booking

If you are a farmer looking to book livestock for 2024 dates, read on for changes…

The last few crazy years, we started booking livestock slaughter appointments on June 1st for the entire next year as demand was out of control. As things have stabilized and slowed down, we would like to get a step closer to ‘normal’.

This year on June 1st, 2023 we will start booking for: January 2024 through the end of June 2024. So we are only booking the first 6 months of next year, instead of the entire year. That means that all booked dates will be, at most, 1 year out.

Want to book something after June 2024? Wait until that month in the current year. For example: In July 2023 you can book dates in July 2024. September 2023 you can book September 2024. So we’re never more than a year out.

This will help farmers with planning. We ended up having some cancellations this year due to animals not being ready as planned, since farmers were booking so far in advance. When we have cancellations, especially at the last minute or ones that were just no-shows, it can have a large ripple effect. Particularly if it’s for multiple animals. When the cattle that were supposed to be cut 2 weeks later aren’t there for the cutters, wrappers, and boners to work on as planned, there’s not enough work for them to do. Next, the income that was planned is not coming in, which could effect things like raises for employees being delayed, etc. We don’t want to see that. Also, of course it’s frustrating for everyone when we were booked up so a farmer had to go elsewhere, just to end up having cancellations and not enough notice to get someone back that spot.

Along that line, we will also be instituting a no-show or cancellation fee. It’s understandable that life gets in the way and things change, we get it! But if you just don’t show up without contacting us, or cancel with less than two weeks’ notice, you may be charged a fee and/or you may not be able to book in the future or will have last choice for dates, etc. We hope we NEVER have to do any of those. We appreciate your understanding and your respect for other farmers, employees, etc. that could be effected.

So mark your calendars for June 1st, and let’s all plan for a calm, steady, and successful next year!