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Welcome to the Eickman's Family

65 years of family tradition. Located in Seward, Illinois, Eickman’s is family-owned and operated by several generations of the Eickman family. We specialize in customizing your order by cutting, smoking and packaging your meat the way you want – whatever your needs, your options are nearly endless!

John Eickman was a Depot Agent in Seward and would help local farmers butcher their farms. When the depot was torn down in 1943, John purchased the local creamery building to slaughter livestock in.

John’s son Merlyn helped his father and brothers with the slaughtering, which eventually led to Merlyn’s job in Rockford, IL at Farmer’s Feed and Locker Company where he learned to cut beef and hogs.



Separate from our retail area (great for picking up a few items at a time), we specialize in custom meat processing where you can fill your freezer.

Our custom meat processing proudly utilizes local farms and includes: Hogs (whole or 1/2) and 2-week dry-aged Beef (whole, 1/2 or 1/4). We also do Lamb, Venison and more.

What makes the meat processing custom? When you give us a call or stop in to order the type and amount of meat you want, we will walk you through how you want your meat cut (sizes of steaks, roasts, chops, bone-in or boneless, etc) and how you want it packaged (single or double wrapped, how many steaks per pack, etc). Please ask questions!

Once it’s cut, we sharp freeze everything overnight and give you a call letting you know it’ll be ready to pick up as soon as the next day. When you pick up your meat we recommend bringing boxes, baskets or coolers to haul it home. *Fun fact: no ice is needed! Our freezers are colder than average, the meat will be colder than what ice is usually stored at, so the ice is actually warmer than the meat and won’t help it to stay cold!*



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From the humane harvesting of local livestock to the cutting, packaging, curing, and smoking, our goal is to bring you quality meat.

We take pride in learning all facets of our craft – from the ways things were done in the old days to how new technology may contribute to a better product – often blending the two.

Our skilled butchers process your animal just the way you want. We also cure and smoke our hams, bacon, jerky and more in old-fashioned ways and make a variety of sausages, all on-site.

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